Sunday Battles

***TWS is no longer running Sunday battles, but they are still happening and are community run!***


-1-3pm Kids Battles (All ages)
-3pm-6pm Adults Practice (16+)

-Carrier Park in West Asheville by the French Broad River. The large main field by the giant pavilion is usually used in the colder months, and the smaller field further down Amboy road with lots of shade in the hotter months.

Cost: Free!

They will not be cancelled preemptively for rain, and will only be called off if there is moderate rainfall for the duration of the entire time. A light rainfall will not cancel the battles, and neither will cold, snowy, or muddy conditions.

-The Adults Practice is run by a separate, nonprofit organization called The Valley of Ashes, which is our local team that is competitive in the leagues known as Belegarth and Dagorhir. The Valley of Ashes does not ask for money for participation, but donations are welcome.

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